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About Slimming World Books

Slimming World books are created and published by a UK-based weight loss organisation called Slimming World. The organisation consists of a group of self-employed consultants who work in community groups across the UK, helping people to lose weight, eat better nutritious meals and engage in a healthier, more active lifestyle. The company was founded in 1969 by Margaret Miles-Bramwell, who continues to lead the company today.

Slimming World books uses a combination of ‘Food Optimising’ eating plans and healthy activity plans, such as ‘Body Magic’, which encourage people to change their eating habits and help them overcome challenges and hurdles. Slimming World books have an extensive range of recipes that tie in the messages regarding food optimisation and leading an active lifestyle. There are many different types of Slimming World books available in several themes that give the reader a huge variety of recipes to try. There are books that specialise in deserts, Asian food, snacks and sauces, soups and drinks recipes. There are also Slimming World books that focus on seasons and how the reader can take advantage of foods during a certain time of the year. The books are packed with information about the reader’s overall diet and nutrition needs.