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About Slipper Socks

Nothing is worse than having cold feet when you are lying in bed. Slipper socks help keep your feet cosy and warm on a cold winter's night without feeling too bulky and uncomfortable. Slipper socks are made from a range of warming materials including wool, cotton, or even angora to keep feet toasty warm. Your feet will love you when you relax after a hard day working wearing a luxurious pair of slipper socks. Choose from a wide range of different styles available. From stylish to fun, funky slipper socks with cartoon characters on, there is a pair of slipper socks to best suit your style. Slipper socks do not have any special washing instructions, simply wash them with the rest of your laundry without worrying about ruining them. Slipper socks are generally one size fits all, making it easy to pick a pair for yourself or for a friend as a gift. However, you should note that within the one size fits all sizing, you find slipper socks for children, men, and women. Some slipper socks are much longer than traditional socks and not only keep your feet and ankles warm but also keep your lower leg warm right up to your knee. Wear your slipper socks when you venture out into the cold weather, as they are generally not so thick that they cannot be worn with a pair of wellingtons or shoes. Some brands of slipper socks have grips on the bottom. These grips prevent slipping when walking on smooth surfaces such as laminate flooring. The grip also helps prevent the cold from the floors penetrating through the socks, keeping your feet extra warm.