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Protect your investment with sofa covers that keep your furniture looking new. They can be universal and loose fit or custom designed with your exact measurements. Stretch covers adjust to fit different styles and sizes while providing a secure fit.

Find one designed for three or four seats or even corner pieces. Save money by purchasing sofa covers, rather than a new sofa, to make your space look and feel like new.

About Sofa Covers

Rather than purchasing new sofas, recover the old with sofa covers. Available on eBay in multiple shapes and sizes, and even custom fits, sofa covers come at a fraction of the price of a new sofa set. If your existing furniture is soiled or stained beyond repair, a cover enables you to hide the past. Covering a newly purchased sofa permits you to preserve the integrity of the material and fabric without compromising on the overall shape. Sofa covers can either cover individual cushions or fit over the cushions atop of the sofa itself. Manufacturers design specialty covers for houses with pets. These covers absorb odours as well as prevent any accidents that might occur while pets are resting upon the furniture. Rather than spot treating the whole sofa, you can toss the cover in the wash and remove any debris, and revitalise the sofa once more. Whether you choose faux-suede, linen, or treated cotton, a cover for a sofa is practical to use and easy to maintain.