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About Solid Oak Bookcases

A solid oak bookcase is a classic piece of furniture designed to last for a long time. Oak is a very durable wood, it requires minimal treatment to maintain and can withstand heavy loads. A solid oak product will shown the natural grain of the wood and can be varnished and polished for a high sheen finish or be left untreated for a more rustic appearance. Varnish will offer a greater level of protection from small scratches, scuffs and marks but will alter the look of the wood so you need to consider the style and finish you would prefer. Solid oak is also able to take paint should you want a coloured finish rather than the wood effect. Thin wood paints can be used to retain the graining through the paint if preferred. You will be able to find solid oak bookcases in a variety of sizes and shapes. The basic construction method of the case is relatively simple and provided the appropriate adhesives and fixings are used the wood will hold the structure together very well. In most solid oak bookcases you will be able to alter the number and positioning of the shelves. Pre-drilled holes are placed inside the bookcase and holding pins are placed inside the holes for the shelves to sit on. To alter the configuration of the shelves you simply remove the pins and shelves and replace at your required height. Some solid oak bookcases will have shelves fixed in place either by glue or screws so if you need the flexibility to change the configuration you will need to check the type of shelving system used in the product.