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About Spacer Bars

Spacer bars are an essential element of double-glazed windows. They sit between the panes of glass, maintaining the gap between the two panes. eBay sellers offer all types of spacer bars, including aluminium and plastic composite. Aluminium spacer bars are only suited to warmer and drier climates because they are thermally conductive. This means that they allow heat from inside of the room to pass through to the outside, resulting in your heating system having to expend more energy to keep your home comfortably warm. In cold climates, aluminium spacer bars also cause "cold edge", where the outer edge, against the spacer, is much colder than the rest of the window, causing more condensation. Plastic composite spacer bars are not thermally conductive, so they are suited to any climate as they prevent heat loss and help maintain the entire window at a consistent temperature, reducing condensation and the growth of mould and mildew. Save money on your energy bills and keep your home snuggly warm with double-glazing spacer bars.