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About Speaker Driver

When talking about speakers and the number of drivers in them, it is often easier to simply refer to each driver as a speaker for shorthand. However, a speaker driver is only one component of the overall speaker, and still requires the other components. Drivers can come in a number of different forms dedicated to different frequency ranges of sounds. A bass driver, for instance, is dedicated to the low end of human hearing and, depending on the quality, can reach beyond the bottom range of human hearing to provide full, natural sound reproduction. There is also the full range driver that replicates the full range of human hearing from high to low. Standalone drivers, new or used, are useful if you want to repair a speaker that you've used heavily enough to burn out. Not only are bass and full range options available from eBay's top-rated sellers and others, but the other types of drivers are as well. These ensure that, whether or not the driver you select gets free postage and packaging from its seller, you'll be able to find the component you need.