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About Spirograph

Who does not love a spirograph? It is that wonderful childhood toy that gave you countless hours of doodling fun and creative activity. The spirograph is back in a deluxe model that contains all of the original iconic wheels and rings that have been re-engineered and updated for today's modern children. Included in the kit, available on eBay, are 19 precision wheels, two precision rings, and a spirograph precision rack. A 1.5 g reusable Spiro putty is also included with three retractable ballpoint pens, a 14-page guide book, and 20 sheets of creative design paper. All of this is tucked into a carry-along storage case with an in-built work surface. Spriograph is so well designed and constructed that it is not unusual to find complete sets for sale. Whether you purchase a new deluxe model or a well-preserved vintage set, you can watch your children have hours of fun and entertainment.