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About Steam Generator Irons

Steam generator irons apply far more to the surface of fabrics than just plain heat - they contain a reservoir or tank of water that is used to generate pressurised steam, and this is an effective method of removing creases from clothing. Although conventional irons are capable of producing steam, these specialised irons use a scaled-down version of the same technology that has been used for many years by professional laundry services. The more sophisticated products in this range are capable of providing varying levels of steam and heat to suit various types of delicate material. When looking at the details of each individual steam generator iron, there will usually be a regular level of steam output and a 'burst' mode - this is the ability to generate short bursts of highly-pressurised steam to handle areas of excessive creasing. The exact material of the heating plate is also an important factor, a ceramic finish allows the iron to glide over the creased surface with a greater level of ease. Maintenance of a steam generator iron is also important, as any build up of limescale can lead to damage and blockages within the iron's steam passages. To keep an iron in the best possible condition, purchase filters to remove the harmful ingredients that cause limescale build up and replace these on a regular basis. Alongside these filters, descaling products can be used to perform occasional cleaning - this is even more important in areas with hard water.