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Steampunk fashion draws inspiration from the industrialisation of the Western world during the Victorian era. It makes liberal use of gowns, corsets, petticoats, bustles, top hats, tailcoats, coats with waistcoats and more. Accessories like round driving goggles, parasols and timepieces also find their place in steampunk fashion.

The popularity of steampunk fashion continues to rise and popular names like Christian Dior, Versace and Prada have already walked this line. Follow your own fashion sense and watch others join the bandwagon.

About Steampunk

Steampunk is a term that describes a kind of science fiction aesthetic, a idea of a future that looks something like the recent past. It is a theme that is embodied in certain recognisable elements by incorporating an alternative, imaginary history of the Victorian era or Wild Western past into a post-apocalyptic vision of the future. The steampunk imagination creates fanciful machines and wacky technologies out of a taste for what is both retrograde and futuristic. Furthermore, it finds itself rooted in a nineteenth century feeling for art, fashion and culture, as seen in the clothing sense and creative output of certain subcultures such as punks and goths. The Steampunk aesthetic finds expression in various areas of modern culture, for example in science-fiction and fantasy literature, television and film. Think for example of Philip Pullman's re-imagining of a dingy and unsavoury alternative Victorian London in his Sally Lockhart book-quartet, or the clanking, chugging police box and the regressive fashion sense of the protagonist of BBC's Doctor Who. Perhaps the best and most influential example of the steampunk imagination is the massive cogs-and-steam powered future world of Fritz Lang's film masterpiece Metropolis. You can find plenty of fashion that fuses a Victorian retro look with a goth-sensibility: Victorian style dresses from designers specialising in gothic/punk/retro- clothes, accessories such as brass goggles and goggle-shaped sunglasses for that "I just came out of the boiler room" look, top hats, helmets and Victorian style shoes and stack boots to complete that alternative 19th century look.