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Easily access items that are hard to reach with a step ladder, which is ideal for working above your head or reaching items in tall cabinets or shelves. These come in different heights and materials.

They may have two to five rungs and are lightweight for easy portability. Many have non-skid tread on the steps that protect you and your floor. Choose a neutral shade or a colourful red step ladder in your home or shop.

About Step Ladders

Step ladders are an important tool for any home ? used for DIY but also in straightforward tasks such as changing lightbulbs, or for accessing stored goods. Step ladders are often made of metal, fibreglass or wood, although they can also be from the toughest, most durable plastics. Unlike standard ladders, which need to lean against a vertical surface, step ladders are able to stand alone, without support. They consist of a frame, with an inclined set of steps on one side, and usually have a small standing platform at the top of the ladder. There are a range of heights available, and the height you need will very much be dictated by the ways you primarily intend to use the ladder. If you?re just looking for a handy height-boost, perhaps so a shorter member of the family can reach higher kitchen shelves, a small wooden step ladder with two or three steps would be an appropriate choice. For painting inside, you may wish to consider a more durable metal or fibreglass option, which can be wiped clean more easily. Here, a ladder with three or more steps would probably be most appropriate. If you?re intending to use the ladder for exterior work, perhaps on a flat roof, guttering, or painting ? the taller options, with seven or more steps may be worth considering as a safer, more stable alternative to a standard ladder. Standard ladders lack the support provided by step ladders, and it is considered safest to use these ladders with a ?spotter? ? someone to ensure that the ladder does not move around or slip. This issue is less of a concern for step ladders.