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About Studio Microphones

Studio microphones encompass a wide range of different products, and choosing the right one is a tough decision.

The first thing to bear in mind is what the studio microphone will be used for, as different microphones will suit different projects. Those looking to record podcasts, for instance, will find that they'll need a different microphone to those that are about to record a growly death metal band!

Secondly, it's important to look at how the microphone will be hooked up. Most traditional studio mics will need some sort of interface between them and the recording media. There are a number of interfaces and pre-amps available on the web specifically designed for this purpose. Some modern condenser microphones also function directly through a USB connection, but it's important to double check in order to avoid spending money on a mic that won't work unless another bit of kit is purchased alongside it.

It's also worth double checking to see if any accessories will need to be purchased alongside the studio microphone. For instance, typical condenser microphones will need some sort of stand on which they can be balanced. This can vary from a full traditional microphone stand (suitable for music use) to a desk tripod more in keeping with making podcast.

It's also worth investing in the right lead (if it's not supplied) as well as a pop shield. Most microphones produce a popping sound whenever a word that begins with 'P' is said: the shield protects against this, ensuring a clearer recording.