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If skateboards seem too risky for you, a lightweight stunt scooter with a handle to hold onto may be more up your alley. It features a durable design, extreme lightweight materials and great designs. Some even come with special features, such as headset integration.

Look for a fixed deck design for durability, lightweight aluminium frame, extra-padded grips and metal-core wheels that handle rough landings. Make your tricks better with a stunt scooter that can handle them.

About Stunt Scooters

Two-wheeled ride-on vehicles have been around for a long time now, but the scooter (or 'kick scooter') as we know it today has been around since the late eighties. The scooter has seen many a permutation, from heavy-duty dirt scooters, to three-wheeled models, models on which you can sit down, and - perhaps most popularly - stunt scooters. First appearing around the late 1990s, stunt scooters are a lightweight version of the earlier folding scooters. They are made from light metals such as aluminium or steel alloys, and have full 360-degree axles between the deck and neck of the scooter to allow for tricks and spins. Stunt scooters are manufactured by a number of reputable companies such as Razor, MGP, Slamm, and Madd. Like skateboards, there is a standard measure for parts and components, meaning that with the correct measurements, stunt scooters can be customised with different parts from other brands. However, customers should also note that some scooters geared towards children do not come with removable parts for safety reasons, and are therefore not customisable. Stunt scooters are generally more lightweight than regular folding scooters, with thinner decks and wheels to make them easier to manoeuvre when performing tricks. Almost every part of the scooter can be changed to preference, from the grips and handlebars, to the wheels, bearings, pegs, and even the decks themselves. All of these are made available separately. To avoid disappointment when buying a scooter for the first time, customers should make sure that they are buying a complete model, as some parts are sold individually or in groups.