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Create cakes that are works of art with Sugarcraft tools. Take your hobby to the next level with moulds, cutters and even books on the craft. Find all kinds of tools to help make your cake decorating a success.

Moulds come in various sizes and feature everything from roses to butterflies. Look for piping and tips to help you create precise images and borders. Make cake decorating more fun with Sugarcraft tools and supplies.

About Sugarcraft

Make boring cakes a thing of the past with the wide range of sugarcraft accessories available on eBay. Sugarcraft is an art that allows you to make exciting and unique decorations from sugar paste. Use silicone moulds to make beautiful roses for the top of a birthday cake. Silicone moulds are ideal for sugarcraft as the mould is easily removeable and does not break the delicate decorations. There are also a wide range of sugarcraft plungers available to create decorations. Simply roll out the sugar paste and use the cutter plungers to cut out the shape that you need. Sugarcraft plungers include flowers, stars, hearts, and numbers. Sugarcraft tools are another essential accessory for sugarcraft decorating. These tools include cutters, a shell tool, and posy picks. You can also use an embossed rolling pin that allows you to imprint a pattern on a large piece of sugar paste for the top of a cake. Create a personalised cake with sugarcraft accessories.