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About Swimming Towels

A swimming towel is the perfect size for wrapping yourself in and getting warm and dry. Available in a range of colours and styles from eBay, swimming towels are made from a range of different materials. The most common material used to make swimming towels is cotton. Cotton is used because it is soft, able to withstand hot washing machines, and dries quickly. Terry swimming towels are popular as they are very absorbent. It also warms you up quickly and is very thick. Microfibre swimming towels are very lightweight and are popular with competitive swimmers who do not wish to carry around heavy towels. They are often supplied in a small easy-to-carry pouch and are incredibly absorbent. Swimming towels are available with hoods attached that help dry your hair as well as your body. These towels are perfect for children who get cold quickly after swimming as they are very thick. Wrap yourself and your children in a thick swimming towel and warm up extra quickly.