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Turn heads while catching a movie or heading out to the ball game when you are sporting Timberland gear. Whether you are wearing a signature pair of boots or a vest, Timberland prepares you for any activity.

Throw on a pair of boots with jeans and a flannel shirt or even a raglan tee for a relaxed look. When you want quality accessories and apparel for a relaxed outing, these pieces help you achieve ultimate comfort along with style.

About Timberland - Clothes, Shoes & Accessories

Timberland founder Nathan Swartz started making shoes in 1918, going on to buy half an interest in The Abington Shoe Company. He and his sons introduced injection moulded soles to the footwear industry in 1960, which allowed for a waterproof shoe. His popular range of waterproof leather boots finally took the name Timberland in 1973. In the early days Timberland tested that waterproofing by leaving the boots overnight in the factory toilet, but things have progressed since then. The yellow leather boot that came with a waterproofing guarantee became known throughout the world and was soon in demand as a fashion accessory, rather than a solid work boot. Timberland had sold one million pairs by 1985 and that was just the start. In the 1990s the rap community adopted Timberland boots en masse and sales tripled after Biggie Smalls and other top line rappers wore them on stage and in videos. In fact at one stage the boots were more popular than Nike Air Jordans, which were the benchmark shoe of the time. Even basketball legend Shaquille O'Neil had a pair custom-made to fit his size 23 feet. The celebrity links continue to this day, with Rihanna and a number of other top stars donning Timberland. And when the rescue workers' shoes melted during the 9/11 disaster, Timberland emptied its local shelves and delivered new boots to the workers in a combined charitable donation and PR coup. Timberland now has stores throughout the world and has branched out in to outdoor-inspired fashion wear. The boots, however, remain the jewel in its crown.