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Caring for the environment is a full-time job for many people and choosing shoes made with environment protection in mind can really make a difference. The Timberland Earthkeepers is an eco-minded collection of clothing and footwear created by Timberland.

All the gear in the Timberland Earthkeepers collection is created from natural and recycled materials. Timberland uses a Green Index rating to reflect the environmental footprint for every item in the collection. Choose between boots, jeans and jackets for men and women.

About Timberland Earthkeepers

Timberland is a popular U.S. footwear manufacturer. Founded in 1952, in its first twenty years it produced a wide variety of footwear and the company name was The Abington Shoe Company. In 1973, Abington produced the Timberland range of waterproof boots which proved so popular that they became the flagship product and the company was renamed Timberland. The traditional Timberland boot has remained enduringly popular, but the company has expanded into other casual footwear (including deck shoes and skate shoes), which feature the same waterproof design used in the boots. Timberland also produces other goods, including eye wear, clothing and watches. Timberland prioritises corporate social responsibility in its activities, providing such a positive experience for its employees that it was voted one of America?s 100 best companies to work for in 2007. Its commitment to CSR is also evident from the launch of the Earthkeepers range. Earthkeepers products focus on being eco-friendly and maintaining a low carbon footprint based on Timberland?s Green Index Rating. All of the shoes are produced using recycled and recyclable materials. They are also made from premium leather and all boots have added padding to ensure a comfortable fit around the ankle. Many different categories of Earthkeeper shoes are available, in polished leather, suede or distressed leather. These include the classic Timberland boot, oxfords, Chelsea boots, chukka boots and trainers. A variety of hiking boots are also available, which include a wide variety of design features, including vibram rubber soles for maximum trail grip, breathable fibre lining and anti-fatigue comfort technology.