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The famous fictional fairy from Disney’s Peter Pan, Tinkerbell is cute and feisty. Known for her wings, wand, and fairy dust, she is a favourite among Disney fairy fans.

Decorate a child’s room with endless options of Tinkerbell items such as bedding, curtains, dolls, and figurines. If becoming the Fairy for a day is your desire, you can find costumes in both kid and adult sizes. Host a pixie themed party and decorate the cake with a Tinkerbell cake topper.

About Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell (also known as 'Tink') is the iconic, fictional fairy from the 1904 play Peter Pan by J.M Barrie. The play received such critical acclaim that Barrie later adapted it into a novel 'Peter and Wendy' in 1911. Since her 1904 début, Tinkerbell has appeared in multiple adaptations of the film alongside her friends Peter Pan, Wendy and The Lost Boys. Perhaps the most famous modern adaptation is Walt Disney's 1953 cartoon, Peter Pan, in which Tink and The Lost Boys go to battle with their enemy and scary pirate, Captain Hook. In her trademark shade of pixie green, Tinkerbell costumes are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit babies, toddlers, children and adults. Perfect for Halloween, birthdays and costume parties, these fairy costumes are sure to get you in the festive spirit. Some outfits even come with beautiful glittery fairy wings, magic wands and even a blonde Tinkerbell wig! Now all you need is the perfect opportunity to get a sparkly green Tinkerbell costume of your own and you too can dress up as your favourite Disney character. Smaller Tinkerbell fans will enjoy the other popular Tinkerbell merchandise and accessories including Tinkerbell satchels for kids, Disney Store Tinkerbell dolls, Tinkerbell purses and wallets, Disney handbags and shimmering Tinkerbell lip balm. She may not be a Disney princess, but Tinkerbell has sprinkled her magic fairy dust and captured the hearts of fans of her films and novels for generations.