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About Tool Clips

Anyone who regularly does DIY needs to ensure that they purchase everything necessary to make their workspace cleaner, tidier and safer. One of the most effective ways to do this is by purchasing tool clips.

Clips are one of the most effective ways of keeping a DIY kit in one place, where it can be either taken from or added to depending on which tool is needed at the time. Having the clips in a workplace means that anything not being used can be moved out of harm’s way.

When looking to purchase new clips, there are a number of different options. Spring clips are the most common modern version, allowing for the tool to be clipped into place and then removed with ease. These are invaluable in that even if they become slightly stretched over time, they can be re-adjusted, making them a reasonably long-term investment.

Different tool clips come in a number of different sizes, and it's important to purchase the right ones. As a general rule, the sellers will detail which tools are suitable for use, as well as the individual measurements for the clips, but it's also possible for the customer to measure their own tools and to purchase a range of different sizes to allow for all of the items in their workshop.

Budgeting is also a factor, although as with a lot of hardware, tool clips can usually be found for almost any budget. The higher level products will usually be set at between £5 and £10, but it's entirely possible to find clips that cost far less than that. Indeed, it's possible to purchase them at next to nothing second-hand.