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About Towelling Dressing Gowns

Towelling dressing gowns are a great choice for bath time. They are made from the same fabric as standard towels, which means that many are 100 percent cotton. The material is highly absorbent and dries quickly. The typical design for the robe has two loops at the side that allow a belt to slid through and fasten at the front. These garmets are available on eBay for men, women, and children. You can put one on just as you get out of the bath or shower, or wear it over a pair of pyjamas and lounge around the house in your slippers. They come in a wide spectrum of colours and designs, from plain white, which appear in hotels, to elaborate floral patterns. Some dressing gowns have attractive features, like a hood and pockets. You can coordinate your towelling dressing gown with your nightwear or choose a contrasting style. These soft and fluffy robes offer the wearer plenty of comfort.