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Sometimes getting the kids off the sofa and outside requires extra incentive, like a fun trampoline to bounce on in the back garden. A trampoline gives children and adults a fun way to get some exercise without it feeling like a chore.

For older kids, choose larger sizes, like a 3.6 m trampoline; either way, consider getting an enclosure to go around it to prevent injuries. See the world from way up high on a trampoline.

About Trampolines

Trampolines, once the preserve of school gyms and sports centres, have migrated outdoors into gardens for use by children and adults alike. Play trampolines range in size from the small 'trampette', used by very young children as well as those seeking a low impact exercise session, to the large 14ft diameter bouncing beds, capable of accommodating several children or a couple of adults. All trampolines have a metal frame, with springs attaching to a rubberised or canvas bed. Some play trampolines have steps leading up to the bed itself for easy access. Trampettes often have a supporting metal bar attached to prevent the user bouncing off the bed. Outdoor play trampolines are enclosed by safety netting, held in place by padded struts. Users can bounce several feet into the air at different angles, so safety netting needs to fully enclose the bed to prevent accidents. Another safety feature is the use of padding over the springs, making the bed into one continuous surface. Bouncing on a trampoline is a great way to exercise and keep fit. Keeping the momentum going requires the user to push down into the bed to bounce up high once again, and with practice it is possible to do simple gymnastics, dropping into a 'sit' position, performing airborne 'pikes' and 'splits', and even somersaults. Children love the feeling of flying into the air, enjoying the freedom of expressing themselves through movement and just having a lot of fun in the process. Adults can enjoy using a play trampoline as well, so if you are looking for one for all the family to enjoy, go for the biggest one you can find!