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Keep the environment beautiful by planting a tree or two in your garden. From pine to maple, any type of tree makes a great addition to your space. Use one tree or a whole row of them for shade, privacy, or aesthetic purposes.

Purchase your tree as a sapling or as a more mature plant for faster growing. Some trees produce flowers and fruit while others are evergreen and contain pinecones, acorns, sap and needles.

About Trees

Adding trees to a garden can transform a level, one dimensional landscape by adding height, depth and texture. To create perspective and bring areas of garden together, trees are best placed to the rear of substantial borders or along fences and peripheries. Arboreal areas may also have a positive effect on the ecology of the garden, encouraging wildlife essential to the growth of other plants and shrubs. Varieties of woodland trees are popular for larger gardens as they thrive in the climate and are fairly self-sufficient. For many however, conifers are a great way to augment the garden. These hardy trees are relatively low maintenance and perfect for cooler climates and drier soil. However for a spectacular addition, fruit trees provide a burst of springtime colour and a yield of autumn fruit. Fruit trees can take a while to establish but will give years of pleasure. Many gardeners have looked to Japan and China for inspiration and created a strong trend for beautiful Acers and grasses. These can be a stunning addition but need a lot of care. For those without an outside space the far-East again offers a small solution in bonsai. This popular form of horticulture involves the cultivation of miniature trees of all varieties. They can take years to perfect and hold a genuine sense of fascination. Planting trees should involve careful consideration of the surroundings and the requirements of the plant itself. Ultimately however, trees bring a touch of the great outdoors to any garden environment.