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About Turtle Mats

Turtle Mat is a branded floor mat produced by the Turtle Mat Company. Discovered by James Turtle in 1992, the mats were initially sold at country fairs when the Turtle Mat Company was launched in 1994. After James Turtle sold the business to some friends in 2004, the company developed a new range of designs that have become increasingly popular in Britain. Turtle Mats are now used not only as doormats, but also for many other areas of the home. Properties Turtle Mats are made from natural cotton pile, with a latex and nitrile rubber backing. They can be cleaned in a washing machine, tumble dried and are guaranteed for five years. The cotton fibres are excellent at trapping any moisture and dirt that may be brought in on the soles of shoes and boots from outside the home. This makes them especially useful as a door mat. Designs and sizes Turtle mats are available in a variety of sizes, from small doormats, to large runners. They can even be cut down to a specific size if required. They are available in a range of contemporary designs in a variety of colour schemes, including traditional floral patterns and modern spots and stripes. Due to their versatility, many Turtle Mats have been designed for a particular purpose in the home. This means homeowners can choose a multicoloured bath mat for the bathroom, or a nature themed design for an external doormat. Pet lovers can also choose animal themed mats that are suitable for pets.