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About Twig Tree

For those who prefer a minimalist or contemporary feel to their home décor, the muted style of these twig trees represents a clean and modern alternative to classical Christmas tree designs. Available with or without integrated fairy lights, they are easy to install, non-perishable, and free from the usual mess, hassle and annual cost of a real evergreen conifer. Much like a conventional tree they can be decorated easily, and come in a wide variety of styles, colours, and specifications, so there's a tree to fit virtually anybody's preference. Choose from uprights with just a few slender and near-vertical branches or more cone-shaped structures reminiscent of the traditional pine, spruce or fir trees but without any green covering to their bare branches. For greater versatility, a system of wiry and bendable fibre optic branches arranged in a pot can be both stylish and fun. Additional specialist types of twig tree, suitable for those seeking a more Oriental Zen or Feng Shui style of minimalism, include bonsai and cherry trees. Twig trees can be constructed from durable polyethylene plastic, fibreglass, or aluminium as well as natural, treated twigs and branches. They are usually supported by flat stands or simple pots. Colours include elegant white, with or without glitter, festive gold, classic silver, or a natural wood-look dusted with fake snow. Lighting options range between fibre optics in single or mixed colours and LEDs in red, yellow, green, blue or white, among others.