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About Underbust Corset

Buying an underbust corset can be fun for women of all ages and body styles. Available in many different styles of fabric and design, they all have a basic, easy-to-understand construction. Underbust corsets are measured by waist size, but on occasion, some manufacturers or custom designers may need the bust size as well. An underbust corset is designed to do just that, sit under the bust, nip in the waist, and make the bust look larger and fuller. This is accomplished by the use of boning in the design. Plastic boning is the most common, while steel boning is used in corsets designed to nip the waist in by more than 4 cm. Before purchasing an underbust corset, be sure to measure your waist at its narrowest point, and for some measure, just under the bust line. Whether you want an underbust corset for a fancy dress party, period re-enactment, or to add a little spice, there is a beautiful and comfortable underbust corset available at eBay that will make you feel slim and beautiful.