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Even with the convenience and ease of email, sometimes it's just not enough to send and hold all the information you may need for work or play. To keep a close hold on documents, presentations, pictures, media files, and more, invest in a USB memory stick that suits your needs. If just need small, simple, USB thumbdrive to keep a file or two, there are memory sticks with as small a capacity as 512 MB, though drives with one or four GB capacity are easier to find, and with the large need for these flashdrives, a USB memory stick with an extra GB or two isn't significantly more expensive.

For the artist or business employee who needs to store many large files, a larger flashdrive, closer to 16 or 32 GB, is in order. For a reliable and high-quality USB memory stick, look at some of the popular brands such as SanDisk, Kingston Technology, PNY, Transcend, and Meco. Find all sorts of brands and sizes of USB memory, so you'll never be caught without vital information again.