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About USB Microphone

USB microphones are portable recording microphones that can be used to record podcasts, field recording and even music. When there is a need to do voiceover work like adding a narration to a specific video, USB microphones are an ideal solution because they are designed to capture high-quality sounds. In addition to serving as a recording tool, a USB microphone can also be used as a microphone solution for web casting and provide audio support for voice recognition and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software. For online communicators who need a better microphone solution than those that are built-in on their computers or laptops, USB microphones can be especially handy and are easily connected to any laptop or PC. When voice clarity is needed for important online conversations, such as meetings abroad, business deals with clients or even a simple conversation with families from distant cities, USB microphones can help assure that every word spoken is heard clearly and accurately. It is crucial that when getting USB microphones, potential users should pick those that have a zero-latency headphone input to make sure that there is no delay in recording and that every word said is recorded clearly. These microphones come in a compact design and some even come with zipper carrying pouches for better portability and storage.