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About V Pillows

Who would have thought that such a funny-looking pillow could be so comfortable? Your V pillow has improved your sleeping habits and slowed your backaches and you could not be more grateful. These odd-shaped pillows help you sleep and sit in a more comfortable position by offering you support where you did not even know you needed it. The pillow looks exactly how its name indicates; it is in the shape of a giant ?V?. With the smaller sizes, you can put your head right in the corner to have cushion on both sides of your head or you can sit the pillow up against the wall to sit against it. The large versions of the V pillow are called side sleepers. You rest your head on one side of the pillow and hug the other side. Pregnant women also use these to support their stomach at night. Shop for your fluffy companion on eBay and get a great night's sleep.