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Cleaning your carpet is a job best done by a Vax carpet and rug cleaner. Whether you need a vacuum or steam cleaner, the Vax brand is perfect for giving you a total home clean.

Each model is manufactured for a variety of different needs such as upright, bagless, bagged, cylinder and utility styles. Most people find that the light weight of this equipment makes it easy to manoeuvre and push about your home.

About VAX

Launched in 1977, Alan Brazier's Vax pioneered unique technologies that enabled the vacuum cleaner to deal with spillages and wash and clean carpets, in addition to normal domestic use. A UK based company, Vax produced the distinctive orange cylinder famous for its multi-functional capabilities. Adapting technology found in industrial cleaners, the Vax has been available in high street stores since the early eighties and the machine soon became the biggest selling vacuum cleaner. Vax rapidly expanded their range to include innovative designs trusted for their power to clean carpets and steam hardwood flooring. The popular cylinder has always remained a favourite but the design has evolved to include upright cleaners. The brand also incorporated cordless machines into its range. Ergonomically, the machines have the added benefit of being ultra-light and easy to use when tackling tricky jobs such as stairs, confined spaces and the interiors of cars. Vax have continued to lead the way with vacuum cleaning technology and many of their products are now enhanced with multi-cyclonic suction, a process that distinguishes the particles and prevents filter corruption. Comparable technology has been employed in steam mops that disperse detergents as you clean. With additional accessories, it is now possible to reinvigorate bathrooms, remove grime and germs from household white goods and clean difficult to reach grouting. The brand continues to expand their range of top spec cleaners to ensure that your home remains safe and clean. The company is also committed to keeping prices competitive and providing value for money.