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About VAX Carpet Cleaner

Whilst a normal vacuum cleaner does a good job of getting up the dust and large pieces of dirt from your carpet, it can leave behind grime and bacteria. Vax's range of carpet cleaners were designed specifically to do both the job of a vacuum cleaner and completely remove any dirt and bacteria at the same time. Dried in stains can eventually flatten down carpet fibres, so it's important to get this stuff cleaned up as soon as possible. Vax claim that their cleaners remove the stains and odours from a carpet as well as ridding it of any allergens. Perfect for a home with pets or children, Vax Carpet cleaners are a great way to quickly clean up an accidental spillage. There are a few models of Vax Carpet Cleaner available, including the more recent upright VAX V-124A upholstery washer, or the older (but just as efficient) cylinder Vax V-020T. As well as being able to clean carpets, the cleaners come with tools designed to mop up any stains or spills from almost all types of furniture. As well as producing the hardware in order to get the carpet cleaned, Vax also produce a range of cleaning fluids called Triple A. These cleaning fluids come in many different types and sizes, with both large and small bottles available and specific fluids aimed at specific tasks. There is a Triple A carpet cleaner specifically for cleaning carpets, one for cleaning up after animals, and one for adding to your mop bucket. Triple A can be bought individually or in multiple packs online.