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About Velux Windows

Velux windows are designed specifically for areas like lofts, where it?s only possible for them to be installed at an angle. For more than six decades, this company has given customers the chance to create an ideal environment, bringing fresh air, natural light and a view into a variety of settings. Your room will feel a lot bigger as well as brighter and lighter. And, of course, you will also be able to ventilate and remove humidity. Velux windows also have a quality finish, are energy efficient, and are moisture resistant so ideal for rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. There are many designs to choose from, whether you are installing a window in a flat roof, want to create a doorway for a roof terrace, or have a roof which is subject to conservation regulations. Some can even be designed with a small balcony immediately below. Often, different designs can be easily combined ? and there are options for the most out-of-reach spots. Choose from models that are opened by remote control, or those with handles at the top or bottom of the frame and those which open outwards for additional headroom. Selecting the best Velux windows To be sure you have chosen the right Velux Windows for your particular project, bear these simple things in mind. As well as knowing how many windows you want, and in what sizes, you should think about how much daylight you would like to have in the room ? and how you want your windows to open. You also need to select your preferred internal finish - choose from white or natural pine. Finally, considering finishing off the smart appearance of your window with a Velux blind.