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Air is vital to life, but clean air is vital to good health. Vent Axia provides a huge range of air handling products, whether you want to circulate air around your office building, cool the air in your bedroom, or vent the air from your cooking.

Browse for the product designed for your specific needs and volume of air, whether for a home or even an industrial application. Don’t just breath, but breathe well.

About Vent Axia

Vent Axia produces an extensive range of ventilation products and accessories for both home and business applications. You can these products in new or used condition from reputable eBay sellers. Choose from bathroom, WC, and kitchen ventilation products. Many Vent Axia products have a humidity sensor equipped, meaning that fans with an automatic function kick in and extract moisture from the air when they sense unwanted humidity levels. Vent Axia systems, known for their high-quality and durability, have an exceptionally quiet operation when compared to other models, so the whisper-quiet noise that they produce is less bothersome and distracting than other models. As well as fans, you can also choose Vent Axia extraction hoods for use above the oven or stove. These ducted hoods draw steam, smoke, vapour, and odours up and out of your home. Regulate the humidity levels in your home and reduce the chance of developing mildew or damp spots with Vent Axia ventilation products.