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About Vertical Radiators

A vertical radiator can be a cheap and easy way to brighten up any room. A tall, vertical radiator can save space in small rooms, while providing warmth. Vertical radiators come in a variety of colours, materials, shapes and sizes. Match your radiator with the paint on your walls by choosing a bespoke option, and specifying the colour. Most vertical radiators come in chrome or white, but black, grey and even red models are now available as standard. Some designer radiators even come in more than one colour, making a unique design feature out of a functional object. In bathrooms, heated vertical radiators are already popular for hanging towels, and curved models are also available for ease of use. Mirrored radiators can also fulfil a dual purpose in bathrooms, and the reflective qualities can catch the light in larger living areas, brightening up any room. Vertical radiators can span the entire height of the wall, or they can stand at a shorter height, depending on the buyer?s preference. Some vertical radiators are thin in width, with only two or three columns to create a minimalist look. Other models have 14 or more columns and have a chunkier look, which takes up more space. The size of your vertical radiator will depend on the size of your room, and how much heat you require from it. Make sure you have all the tools required to fit and maintain your vertical radiator ? it is worth keeping a few spare brackets and an adjustable spanner to hand in case any repairs are needed.