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When your windows need outfitting, consider lined or unlined voile curtains as an easy solution. Take the décor of any room to the next level with semi-translucent voile curtains in plain, embroidered or even designer fabrics.

Voile curtains are available in a variety of lengths, widths, colours and heading styles. Not only can you achieve a stylish look, but you’ll also gain privacy while letting natural light into the room. Dress your windows in style today.

About Voile Curtains

Voile curtains are sheer or semi-sheer curtains, typically light in colour and weight, that can aid the passage of natural light and provide a light and roomy atmosphere for your living room or other room in your home.

Voile Curtains Guide

Whether you are looking for additional privacy without completely blocking out sunlight, want to provide light protection against UV rays, or you want an affordable and attractive means of covering the windows in your home, voile curtains present a beneficial and useful form of curtain for your home. Ensure that you measure your windows correctly, buy the design and style of curtain that best fits your décor, and then access the best deals.

Low Cost Curtain Option

Voile curtains are made from thin and lightweight material, which means that it takes comparatively little material to make a pair of curtains. In turn, this means that this type of curtain is among the least expensive that you can buy. Whether you are looking to buy curtains on a budget because you don’t like spending a lot of money on décor, or because you have a lot of curtains to buy, buying inexpensive curtain types means that you can afford luxuries elsewhere.

Add Privacy Without Blocking All The Light

Voile curtains are made from a semi-sheer fabric, which means that they offer a beneficial means of letting natural light into your home. The sun will still penetrate the curtain material, albeit with some shade, and the voile fabric still affords you a degree of privacy from the outside world. You can enjoy privacy without completely eliminating vitamin D giving sunlight.

Voile Fabrics

Voile can be made from a variety of different fabrics, and it is common for these fabrics to be combined for the greatest benefits. An open weave voile fabric is the sheerest form of voile, allowing the most light to penetrate while embroidered voile is stiffer and typically thicker, providing greater privacy. Polyester is usually the least expensive material and will last longer than other fabrics, while cotton is the lightest and can be put in the washing machine.

Curtain Styles

There are a number of styles of voile curtains. You should the choose the style that matches your curtain pole and fastenings, or be prepared to invest in a new pole. Panel curtains have pockets where the curtain rod is inserted, and tab top curtains use the same style of pole but have tabs sewn in to the top of the curtain fabric for hanging. Sash curtains are stretched across the window and held in place with rods, and café curtains traditionally only cover the bottom half of the window.

Measuring Up

Curtains can be still length, floor length, or somewhere in between. Measure from the top of the pole to the level that you want your voile curtains to fall. Measure the width of the curtain rod and add approximately one inch for overlap to ensure that you buy the right width of curtain to cover the whole window. If you buy curtains that are too short or too narrow, you will find gaps appear, while buying curtains that are too large means that they will have to be bunched up in certain areas, or adjustments will need to be made before you can enjoy the benefits of your new voile curtains.