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About Welding Masks

A welding mask is an essential piece of safety equipment used for all forms of welding. All products should tested to provide complete protection to the eyes, head and neck from sparks emitted when welding, heat, UV light, infra red light and flash burns. If the product has not been tested to the required safety standards it should not be on sale. A welding mask is made up of a protective casing for the head face and neck and a glass screen that allows the wearer to see but still protects the eyes. When choosing your welding helmet you will have the option of two types of glass. You can either have auto darkening glass or fix tinted glass. The auto darkening glass will increase the level of tint and protection as soon as welding starts and return to a more clear tint when finished. The advantage of this is that the user does not have to continually raise and lower the helmet when welding starts and stops. Fixed tint helmets are more common and are typically a lower cost product with both offering very similar levels of protection. On most fixed tint helmets there will be a hinge on the strapping allowing the user to raise and lower the helmet without taking it off. On top of the safety features and glass options you will also be able to choose the style of your helmet. Many come with bespoke, creative artwork whilst others are a single colour for a more conservative and traditional finish.