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About Whirlpool Bath

A Whirlpool bath is a Jacuzzi bath designed to offer a spa like experience for the home. They are fitted with a series a jets around the sides of the bath that will pump and pulse water out at variable speeds to create the Jacuzzi effect and can be controlled via a central control panel mounted to the bath. These units are available in a range of sizes, including corner baths and large, multi-user (2 or more) person baths. In order for the Jacuzzi effect to work, the bath water must be above the level of the jets. Water is taken into the system through an intake valve typically situated on the floor or bottom of the bath. It is then pumped through a series of pipes by a motor and back in to the bath under pressure through the jets. The pressure and pulsing action of the jets can be set by the control system and in more advanced models a temperature control will be included to heat or cool the water released by the jets rather than using the ambient temperature of the bath water. A Whirlpool bath needs to be plumbed in to the mains water supply of the property with the motor being connected to the electrical supply. All pipework and wiring will be housed under the bath and out of sight so as not to impact the overall look of the bathroom and the electric motor will be earthed to ensure safety. Colour and style options are varied and additional features such as seats and hand rails can be fitted if required.