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About WiFi Boosters

A Wi-Fi booster may be just the product you need if you have started to notice slower download speeds. These devices work by extending your coverage area. This means that if there are several people, and even more mobile devices, that are depending on one Wi-Fi hotspot, a booster allows more people to use more devices in a wider range. For example, if your router is located upstairs in your home, but coverage is weak downstairs, then a Wi-Fi booster can improve it. Simply plug it into a mains socket and then use the software wizard for the simple set up. There are a number of options on eBay, such as the Netgear Wi-Fi booster for mobile range extender, which provides up to 2.4 GHz wireless frequency to bump up your existing transfer speeds. If you have multiple devices running through one hotspot, then buying this gadget can boost your performance.