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The Nintendo Wii console is ideal for playing with friends and family at parties. An additional Wii controller allows another person to join in the fun. Play as a team or against each other in a variety of games. The controllers are wireless, granting you additional freedom to dance, leap, and run around the room. The advanced motion-sensing technology makes it incredibly versatile; use as a sword in one game and a tennis racket in another.

Fortunately, the controller is lightweight to avoid arm fatigue. Reliable sellers on eBay offer Wii controllers and accessories, such as nunchucks and steering wheel frames. Battle with, or against, friends with an extra Wii controller.

About Wii Controller

A typical Wii controller consists of a nunchuk and a control pad. Some games only require the control pad, while others require the use of both. Sets are available on eBay in a variety of colours to match your Wii console. At about the same size as the average TV remote, the standard Wii controller offers accurate motion sensing technology so you do not miss a beat in your favourite games. You can clip the controller onto a steering wheel add-on when you play racing games for a more life-like experience. Moreover, as both are wireless, you avoid any messy tangles. Traditional wired controllers are also available that afford the user the opportunity to sit and relax while playing instead of standing up, the usual position necessary to play Wii games in, and typically, wired controllers offer greater control, resulting in a superior playing experience. Take control of your favourite shooter, racing game, or RPG with the performance of a Wii controller.