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One of the most popular shaving razor producers in the UK, Wilkinson has been producing stainless razor blades since 1962. They were the ones to introduce the stainless steel razor blades that are common today.

Wilkinson blades are suitable for men who are looking for an innovative shaving experience. Some of the products in their range, such as the Sword Quattro Titanium, offer a revolutionary shaving experience. Transform the way you shave with Wilkinson blades.

About Wilkinson

Wilkinson Sword was founded by Henry Nock in London in 1772, and is now known primarily for its range of shaving products. The company's name came from its original product range: namely swords that were manufactured in Shotley Bridge in County Durham. Over the years, Wilkinson Sword have offered a wide variety of products, which also include guns, bayonets, typewriters and motorcycles. It was only in 1965 that they began to make a name for themselves in the shaving products market when they launched the first stainless steel razor blade. Previous carbon steel blades were known to rust so quickly that many men used a new blade each day, whereas the new Wilkinson Sword blades could be used for up to a week. Since then, Wilkinson Sword gained a huge share of the shaving market, and have introduced a number of shaving products for both men and women. The company offers a range of disposable razors for both sexes with a choice of two or three blades, along with a number of non-disposable shaving options which require replacement blades to be fitted after a certain period of use. Wilkinson Sword have produced a lot of firsts over the course of their history. In 1971 they launched the first safety razor to have the blade encased in a plastic housing, and the Wilkinson Sword Quattro, released in 2003, was the first ever men's four blade razor to appear on the market. The Intuition, launched in 2004, was the first razor to lather, shave AND moisturise, and the company also launched the first ever four blade disposable razor back in 2008.