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Window decals are a great way to get a message seen by passers-by. Whether you want to advertise something or simply apply a funny message or character on your car, windows decals can help you achieve the desired results.

Window decals are often made from vinyl and many of them have a contour cut that makes them easy to apply. If you want to have a particular message displayed on the windows of your vehicle, opt for personalized window decals.

About Window Decals

Window decals are a semi permanent adhesives that are designed to be stuck onto clear surfaces. The stickers, normally made out of vinyl, may be used for a variety of reasons. A large design can be stuck onto a window for privacy, such as on the window of a toilet or a bathroom, they can also be used for decorative purposes or for advertising. Decals often appear as patterns or icons but can also be made up of words or phrases. Even when used on cars, decals can last upwards of five years, depending on quality. To get the most use out of a decal as possible it is important that it is applied correctly.

When applying a window decal, the surface on which it is being placed must be clean and dry. Once the protective backing is removed from the decal, care should be taken to place the sticker into the desired position on the surface. To ensure that the decal is attached evenly without creases or air bubbles it can be flattened down using a rubber spatula. As a decal cannot easily be repositioned once in place, accuracy is important when applying the sticker. For this reason, it is best to apply a decal inside, away from the elements, such as wind and rain.