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Buyers purchase window locks to feel secure, protect valuables, and deter theft. A child safety lock opens wide enough to provide ventilation without the possibility of a toddler falling out the window.

A Yale window lock contains concealed bolts that secure the inside and outside of the window frames without anyone noticing. Keep your home safe with other types of window locks including security handles, catches, guards, stays, sash jammers, and other aids to restrict window usage.

About Window Locks

Good-quality window locks are vital to keep your home safe and secure. Reputable eBay sellers offer locks to suit any kind of window in colours to match your window frame or existing decor. The type of window locks you need depends upon the type of windows that you have. If you have casement windows, keyed casement locks are necessary. Double hung sash window locks are the best option for sash windows, as these keyed or keyless locks secure the window tightly closed or allow you to open the window just a small amount, locking it in place and preventing it from opening any further. Window latches are another option for sash windows. These locks require you to turn the latch and sit across both sash panels when fully engaged, immbolising the panes. Use keyed patio door bolts that attach to the door and the surrounding frame, preventing the door from sliding, to safely lock patio doors. Secure your windows and protect your family and your belongings with high-quality window locks.