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About Windproof Umbrellas

For two thousand years, umbrellas have been a popular method of protecting against rain, yet even today, a standard umbrella does not perform very well in strong winds. Gusts of wind can easily push the canopy of the umbrella up, causing it to become inverted, or be blown out of the hand of the owner. Windproof umbrellas avoid this inconvenience, as they are specially designed to withstand the pressure of the wind. Features Unlike a standard umbrella design, a windproof umbrella features two layers in the canopy, which protect the owner from the rain, but let the wind pass through the canopy. Pressure holes in the canopy allow the wind to pass through, ensuring that the umbrella is not lifted up by the wind and does not become inverted. The ribs of the canopy may also be made from a stronger material that can flex and bend in strong winds. Designs Windproof umbrellas are available in a huge variety of colours, patterns and sizes, from large golf umbrellas to mini telescopic umbrellas. Some varieties are designed to be small and compact, and can be reduced in size for convenience, so that they can easily be stored within a pocket or handbag. They may also include a coordinated cover or bag for protection with an attached strap. Large windproof umbrellas are designed to be sturdier and may include a large plastic, wooden or rubber handle. Many modern windproof umbrellas also incorporate a button into the handle, which opens the umbrella automatically.