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Safeguarding your hands from injuries is often a requirement for your job. Work gloves protect from a variety of hazards in the workplace and are a requirement of countless employers.

Leather protects from extreme weather and penetration hazards, whereas fabric protects from dirt and abrasions. Chemical and liquid-resistant gloves prevent contamination, and insulated rubber gloves are ideal for electrical work. Choose the right work gloves for your task, keep your hands safe, and keep working for years to come.

About Work Gloves

Buying work gloves requires that you pay attention to two important aspects: safety and comfort. When choosing from different types of work gloves, your basic options include leather, thermal, fingerless, and waterproof. How you intend to use your gloves determines the type that you should buy. For example, if you intend to work with lighting, buy thermal work gloves because they offer the right type of insulation to deal with hot temperatures. If you intend to lift heavy objects, consider buying a pair of leather or strong canvas gloves. If your work involves contact with water for prolonged periods, choose waterproof gloves. Some work gloves include long cuffs that offer protection to the wrist and lower arm.

Irrespective of the type of work gloves you wish to buy on eBay, pay due attention to size, as it plays a role in comfort. Besides, gloves that are too small or too large do not offer optimum protection. Get the right kind of work gloves, pay attention to quality, and work safe.