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About Work Platforms

Work platforms are ideal for those jobs which are just out of reach, where a little extra height combined with stability makes things so much easier. In recent years work platforms have become very popular among both domestic DIY enthusiasts and professionals who have often found them to be the right tool for the right job. These platforms are lightweight, easy to store and transport, and above all, they are a safe alternative to using a stepladder, or the ill advised standby of a plank slung between the rungs of a pair of stepladders. Work platforms provide easy access for jobs around the home such as painting ceilings, wallpapering, cleaning out low level gutters or even changing a light bulb. They are also invaluable to professionals whose jobs involve a lot of reach work, such as plasterers. They can be folded for convenient storage, but have locking mechanism to ensure stability while in use, and nonslip feet and anti-slip working surfaces for added safety. Most are constructed of aluminium and so are light and easy to handle, and have hop-up low level steps to help you climb up to the platform without undue effort. Additionally, some types of work platform are just the right height to do double duty as a workbench. Available are various models and styles of work platform of various sizes and designs, from simple four leg hop up platforms to combined ladder and platform units, those which can be built up scaffolding style and mobile platforms on castors.