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Work trousers need to be hard wearing, easy to clean and provide utility. Heavy-duty canvas materials with reinforced stitching stand up to a lot of abuse. Jobs like construction and mechanics require time spent on your knees, so reinforced kneepads give extra durability.

Multi-pocketed options hold many tools and personal belongings and keep them easy to access, while elasticated waistbands ensure comfort. However, some may not have belt loops. Work trousers allow you to say comfortable without sacrificing durability.

About Work Trousers

Whether for general wear or specifically for wearing whilst working outdoors, work trousers can offer exceptional value for money. The range of available work trousers is extensive, offering purchasers a significant choice dependent on their preferences and requirements. These trousers are available in a variety of different styles to suit the needs of the wearer. Many designs feature pockets on the knees allowing a foam pad to be inserted. This design is particularly good for manual workers, such as carpet fitters who may need extra knee protection. These trousers are also available in a cargo style, originally designed for military use. These tend to be loosely cut, often with deep cargo pockets and are designed for tough, outdoor activities. Ideally, for outdoor activity, a pair of work trousers should be made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton. This mixture of materials allows easy cleaning and long life. A combination of polyester and cotton also enables work trousers to be machine washed effectively at 85 degrees F. Seams are often double or triple stitched for strength. Belt loops are often wide in order to accommodate a utility belt. In any pair of outdoor work trousers, pockets should be plentiful and are often fastened with Velcro in order to facilitate easy opening and secure closure. Some manufacturers also incorporate pockets for specific items such as, rulers, pens, nails, tools and even a mobile phone.