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About Yin Yang

In Chinese philosophy, yin yang describes how seemingly opposite forces connect and interrelate to create a synergistic outcome. The classic symbol of the yin yang is recognizable worldwide as a rotated pattern of different colours with a swirled design in the centre separating the two halves. Many believers in this philosophy enjoy wearing the yin yang necklace, rings, or bracelet as a representation of their idea. Yin yang jewellery is quite popular and are available in a variety of materials. An enamel yin yang pendant hangs on a black leather or velvet cord. Colourful silicone bracelets bear the yin yang symbol. Silver is another popular material for yin yang jewellery and some pieces include the Chinese zodiac surrounding the yin yang symbol. New and used yin yang jewellery is available from eBay's large jewellery collection from many sellers who offer free postage and packaging. Check for eBay's top-rated sellers, noted by the gold seal on their listings. These sellers have received repeated positive feedback on previous transactions.