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About Zenith

A zenith is the highest point that a star passes through the sky reaches in its route. Similarly, Zenith men's and women's watches represent a high point in Swiss watchmaking. One of the few "Swiss" watches still to have a Swiss-made movement, the line has accumulated more than 1,500 awards. The Zenith watches and chronographs most valued by collectors feature El Primero movement. Zenith has produced more than 20 different watch lines with the El Primero movement in any recent year. Some have included a cut-out on the face to allow viewing the movement in action. Within each line, more than a dozen variations may be offered. Vintage Zenith, available on eBay, adds even more options for the collector. These are to be distinguished from the "Heritage" line of new watches with vintage styling. Acquire at least one Zenith El Primero and boast having one of the finest of Swiss watches in your collection.