10 toys for a 3 year old boy

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This is my list of toys for a 3 year old boy

I have found these to be the top 10 toys that 3 year old boys want this Christmas 2014
this list comprises of 10 toys that I have bought for my 3 year old this Christmas. although this list can be used at any time of the year.

number 1 :hot wheels cars
maybe a shoebox full of toy cars, different colours designs
number 2: pumpaloons
a great game that will teach sharing and give a little exercise aswell
number 3: play kitchen
promotes imaginative play
number 4: doll
wether a girl or boy dolls are always a great choice
number 5 :clothes
as children are constantly growing this is always a great idea
number 6: shoes
as children are always growing they can never have to many shoes.
number 7: walkie talkies
promotes imaginative play and speaking and listening skills
number 8: chocolate box
what child wouldn't like a box full of different kinds of chocolate
number 9: bike
around the age of 3 is a great start to bike riding for children
number 10: craft box
with paint pens/pencils paper and any other little bits that would be appropriate.
please note I have written this guide as a bzz agent and will get a voucher for doing it.
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