11.2 Portable DVD/Divx/Games/Freeview/USB/SD/TV

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I really enjoy camping. 

So I was looking though ebay for a (Portable DVD Player).  I have a 7" unit, but the screen is a little on the small side!  As a family, we struggled to watch films or our favorite ' Music DVD'S.   Also the volume on our old unit is pretty poor!

I was very surprised to see the above item advertised on ebay.

Not only did it have a large (11.2" Screen).  But it also had a built in, analog and digital television tuner.  But the specification just went on and on!

There was a (SD) card slot and also a (USB) port as well. Plus Divx play back.  But to crown it all!  There was also a full games facility included, including ( 2. Hand remote controls), and a new games disc etc. 

The item comes brand new, with a full ' 12 months warranty!

The unit works very well indeed.  The picture quality if good.  The sound quality, via its built in speakers is quite loud enough, but a little distorted at full volume.  But the extra loudness,  is a big improvement on my old player.  The menu's are simply to use, and we had the unit ' up and running in around five minutes.  The unit comes complete with a very neat / full remote control.  It was wonderful, to be able to watch digital television whilst we were away last weekend. (Yes more rain).  But the very small aerial that is supplied ' Simply isn't up to the job!  " Unless you live on top of the Crystal Palace Transmiter" So we found that it was very useful to be able to fall back onto the old analog channels.  And of course, digital TV, isn't avaliable throughout the UK just yet!.  We soon purchased a decent portable aerial ' and we then had a full digital service including all our favirote radio stations!  The unit also comes with a pair of small earphones.  But we were feed up, with getting trangled up in our old headphones wires!  So we also purchased a pair of cordless headphones, from this same ebay seller.  These are really great headphones.  Light and comfortable, with fantastic sound quailty! They work on infrared, so you can run upto '(4) pairs of these headphones, off of 'just one transmitter.  Its just a case of plugging them in and bingo!!!  So late in the evening, we all enjoyed watching a great film in "Top quality, rich Stereo sound".  In fact ' these headphones are worth every penny, as they only cost any extra £ 10.00 a pair ' including free postage when purchased with the DVD/TV unit.  Another great function, is the way that the screen can rotate thought 180 degrees.  When closed, the units , No bigger than a modern laptop.  

There is an (AV IN)socket, So you can also play other media via the unit, including your camcorder!  Plus an (AV out) socket, so you can connect the unit to another screen etc.  The unit can run on mains voltage: Via its built in battery:  or via the 12 volt dc lead supplied.  So this was an ideal choice for camping.  But it is also great for using in the car.  It even comes with an neat removable backing panel with adjustable straps!  So you can fix the unit to the back of your cars headrest and simply plug it into your gigar lighter!  "Great to keep the kids happy".   On a full charge ' We found that the built in battery was good for around 2 hours.

The unit also comes with an excellent instruction manual.  Easy to read and simple to use!   "Just who it should be".

I can fully recommend this unit.  Its not the first item that I have purchased from this seller.  The seller has previously given me great Customer Service, and has been able to supply me with parts that were stolen from my previously purchase. 

I also felt alot happier purchasing from a (UK) Seller, who offered a full. 12 month warranty and a full come back!  Plus (NO surprise custom bills).

Delivery was also fantastic.  I received the item, the very next morning!!!

hairyapple57   Ron