5 Features to Look for When Buying a Trampoline

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5 Features to Look for When Buying a Trampoline

Trampolines have become more popular over the last few years, and now most gardens feature a new trampoline. Children can have hours of fun on a trampoline, and adults can also enjoy trampolines to keep in shape.

Buying a trampoline can seem a daunting task, but with the wide range of trampolines available and the help with this guide, buying a trampoline on eBay will be easy.

Parts of a Trampoline

The following table describes the different parts to be found on a trampoline:




Small coiled pieces of metal that provide the trampoline with its 'spring'. These come in difference sizes and strengths depending on the function of the trampoline.

Trampoline Mat

Made from strong durable material, this is the material stretched across the frame by the springs to give the trampoline its bounce.


The padding which provides some protection from the springs for the users.


The metal frame held together with nuts and bolts or welded sections.

Enclosure Netting

This is optional when buying a trampoline but it is advisable to consider buying one. Netting is made of thick black material which prevents the users from falling off the trampoline.

1. Springs

Replacement springs can be bought from private or business sellers on eBay. Before making a purchasing decision, measure the spring on the trampoline to see which size will be needed. Different sized springs will be needed for different sized trampolines; the size of the spring should be stated in the listing's description. Springs can be bought in new or used condition, and the type chosen will depend on what the buyer wishes to buy.

2. Enclosure Net

Most trampolines will come with a netted enclosure. A good quality trampoline will have a thick, netted enclosure that runs around the outside of the trampoline. This will help prevent users falling off the trampoline if they bounce too high. If netting has become torn or damaged over time then new netting can be purchased depending on the size of the trampoline.

New netting can be fitted fairly simply but always follow the instructions, and if in doubt of the quality of the netting, don't fit it to the trampoline if it is likely to tear during heavy use.

3. Padding

A trampoline pad is the wide padding found around the edge of the trampoline. It is often made from thick foam with a waterproof vinyl cover. Trampoline pads cover the springs; this is a keen safety feature as it will prevent any spring related injuries. When buying a trampoline, bear in mind that the padding must be secured to the trampoline so that it will not come loose during use and cause injury.

A trampoline will need a thick pad, and if this wears out new pads can be found on eBay. These are measured in size and also the shape of the trampoline. Measure the trampoline before purchasing a new pad on eBay, or if unsure check the measurements on the packaging of the trampoline. Trampolines that use rope or such string to secure the padding to the trampoline are not advisable as these can cause high risk injuries. Safety of the user is paramount at all times when considering a trampoline.

4. Frame

Often an overlooked aspect of the trampoline, the frame is what makes the difference between a fantastic jumping experience and a bad jumping experience. Frames should be of good quality metal and there are several factors to consider with a trampoline frame:

* Quality of welding - have a good look at the pictures where possible to determine how 'clean' the welding is. If it has many sharp edges it may cause injury for the users.

* Complexity of instructions for putting frame together- this may be initially difficult to assess on eBay, but check the product listing to see if the item needs to be assembled, or contact the seller directly to find out more about the particular trampoline.

If having to assemble the frame from instructions read each step carefully and ensures all the parts fit well to the trampoline, this will ensure that that nothing comes loose over time with use.

5. Age and Weight of Users

When looking for a trampoline it is vital to consider the two following aspects:

* The age of the users

* The weight of the users

The age of the users will impact the trampoline chosen; some trampolines may not be suitable for young children, although toddler trampolines are available but not for use for adults. The bigger the trampoline the better it is for handling users of heavier weights. The buyer may wish to consider aspects such as the users getting older. A smaller trampoline may be suitable initially, but in the long term going up a few sizes will be a better investment as the users grow older/heavier.

Considering Spare Parts for a Trampoline

Even with all the best intentions to keep a trampoline at its best, time and use will see some damage. As previously in this guide, spare parts can be found for fixing trampolines and taking such measures will keep the trampoline lasting for many years to come. If not wishing to replace the all of the netting on a trampoline, netting repair kits are available to purchase.

Safety Hints and Tips When Using a Trampoline

* Never leave children unsupervised on a trampoline, even for a few minutes.

* Secure the trampoline down in very windy weather and do no use in adverse weather conditions.

* Ensure all users take regular breaks and warm up before to prevent cramp occurring.

* Avoid excessive exercise in extreme temperatures, as this may cause heat exhaustion.

Buying a Trampoline On eBay

To begin searching for the trampoline go to the eBay home portal and select the Toys & Games category. From there select the Outdoor Toys & Activities, from there type in 'trampoline' to begin the search. The ideal trampoline which is both fun and safe would be a netted trampoline. Enter the search term ' netted trampoline' to browse the range of trampolines available. On eBay it is easy to view a range of new and used trampolines, and these can be found through the use of the sub categories when searching.

When purchasing a trampoline the buyer will want to several important questions:

* Condition of the trampoline.

* Price of the trampoline.

* Postage/collection in person.

Trampolines can be boughtused or new on eBay, and this will depend on the buyer's preference. When buying a used trampoline it is important to consider what condition the item is in, a used trampoline may have signs of wear or use.

The seller should include good photographs of the trampoline and make note of features. If in any doubt of the condition the buyer shouldn't hesitate to contact the seller for more information.

For postage some of the private sellers may only offer collection, it is advisable to look at the distance of the item before making a purchasing decision. Also take into account the cost of the petrol and also how to transport the item. The advantage of buying from a business seller is that the postage may be free or reasonable.

When buying an enclosed trampoline in a new condition, there is a great advantage as on eBay there are many sellers who specialise in outdoor equipment like trampolines. Sellers like these will offer a wide range of trampolines in a range of sizes and shapes. To narrow down the range of listings to business sellers on eBay, simply select the ' Top Rated eBay Sellers ' on the left hand side. Before making a purchasing decision it is best to look at the amount and type of feedback the seller has, this will ensure that the product the buyer selects is exactly the right one for their needs.

There are two main buying options on eBay:

* Auction

* 'Buy it now'

'Buy it now' are perfect for buyers who wish only pay the price stated, and this will guarantee them the item. Listings with 'Buy it now' will also offer good postage options.

The auction option is advantageous as it allows the buyer to put in a price they wish to pay for the item, although because it is an auction system the buyer can be outbid on the item. In general it is best to set a personal limit and not to exceed that limit as when a bid is made on eBay, the buyer is entering into a legal contract to ensure payment for the item if they win.

Payment options will vary depending on the seller's preferences, but PayPal is the most common and also the most secure form of payment. Some sellers will wish for payment on collection if the postage for the item is listed as 'collection only.' They will say if the item is cash on arrival.


Buying the right trampoline may seem overwhelming but with the above advice a good purchasing decision can be made. The range of trampolines that can be found on eBay would be difficult to find in a small outlet. The right trampoline can be bought with absolute confidence and ensure many years of fun and use for the buyer.

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