6 Ways to Ensure the Security of Your Camper Van While Static

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6 Ways to Ensure the Security of Your Camper Van While Static

Camper vans are compact homes on wheels, enabling their owners to enjoy affordable holidays in beautiful locales of the United Kingdom and beyond. As enjoyable as travelling by camper van is, it does raise security concerns. Camper vans are common targets of thieves because these vehicles usually contain a greater quantity of valuable personal items than regular automobiles do. Additionally, camper vans have more entry points that are vulnerable, when compared to cars. Camper van security items are therefore critical to protecting these vehicles from thieves.

To ward off thieves, one should be familiar with ways to ensure the security of a camper van while static. A few different items can ensure the security of camper van doors and windows to prevent the whole camper van from being stolen. Using these items protects a camper van and keeps thieves away. By learning about camper van security, you can help keep your holidays worry free.

Ensure the Security of Your Camper Van Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are the primary entry points for a camper van, so owners of camper vans should secure these areas first. Locks, alarms, window blinds, and security bars are all basic, but effective, devices that can keep potential thieves out of a camper van. Just the sight of these devices is often enough of a visual deterrent to convince thieves to opt for less secure-looking camper vans.

1. Locks

Door locks are the first line of defence against intruders. The driver and passenger doors likely already have outer locks that came with the camper van when it was sold. Unwanted entries, however, often occur when camper vans are occupied. Inner door locks are thus solid solutions to keep camper vans secure from the inside while they are occupied. Safe Door produces both inner and outer latching door locks, and HEOSafe makes particularly strong deadbolt locks. These locks provide an extra line of defence against intruders, especially those who are skilled at picking factory locks that manufacturers place on camper vans.

Locks are available for the driver and passenger sides of camper van cabs and for entry points to a van's living quarters. Those planning to purchase aftermarket locks should make sure these locks are compatible with the make and model of the camper van in question.

2. Alarms

Camper van alarms provide another line of defence against intruders, though they are different from regular car alarms. Whereas car alarms are designed to sense unorthodox unlatching of locked doors and breaking of windows, camper van alarms have motion detectors to detect movement inside when there is not supposed to be any. Some camper van alarms feature wiring from the motion detector to the noise maker, while other alarms use infrared lasers to trigger the noise maker. The latter option appeals to camper van owners who prefer not to run wiring through panelling that they already customised themselves. Many camper van alarms also alert owners via SMS to their mobile phones when an intruder has triggered the alarm. A secure set-up should include standard car alarm triggers on the driver-side and passenger-side doors and motion detectors by entry points to a camper van's living quarters.

3. Window Blinds

It may seem like camper van break-ins are spontaneous crimes, but many criminals spend significant amounts of time targeting specific camper vans. This involves a great deal of observation, including scoping out a camper van to see if it contains enough valuable items to make a break-in worthwhile. Camper van owners can thus provide visual deterrents to those considering break-in attempts. Installing blinds is one of the simpler measures to prevent potential thieves from peering into a camper van. These may be Venetian blinds that camper van owners can quickly and conveniently close by turning a small rod. Additionally, there are covers that go over windshields and windows on the driver-side and passenger-side doors. These serve multiple purposes by keeping heat out during summer, heat in during winter, and prying eyes out during all times of the year.

4. Security Bars

A security bar is another simple camper van security device. It is a telescopic bar that stretches across a camper van's cabin, and it has two thin arms that hook into the driver-side and passenger-side doors. The bar then locks into place so that would-be thieves cannot open either door if they are able to pick those locks. The advantages of security bars are their low cost and ease of installation. Locks can be expensive and relatively complicated to install, so a security bar can save time and money while increasing a camper van's security. On the other hand, camper van owners need to enter their own camper vans through a different door since they themselves cannot disengage a security bar from outside the camper van.

Prevent Theft of a Camper Van

Many thieves want to access camper vans to steal items inside them. Some thieves, however, want to steal entire camper vans. Losing an entire camper van to a thief is much more costly than losing just the items inside. Camper van owners can prevent theft of vans by using wheel clamps and global positioning systems.

5. Wheel Clamps

Wheel clamps are both visual and practical deterrents to a thief who is considering stealing an entire camper van. They prevent a wheel from turning, requiring removal in order to drive the camper van. Many thieves are not capable of removing a quality wheel clamp without the right keys, and even highly capable lock-pickers prefer not to spend a great deal of time removing a wheel clamp because doing so increases the chances of being caught. The table below lists the features of the parts typically found in wheel clamps.




Metal arms, typically two or three, extending from clamp centre around wheel perimeter


Sliding metal bar extending from clamp centre around wheel perimeter; generally adjustable to fit multiple wheel sizes; may also be a chain

Locking Mechanism

Key-operated metal lock; generally used to fix the sliding bar in place; usually very difficult to open without keys

While many wheel clamps cover an entire wheel, some go just around the tyre and through the spokes. The latter type of clamps is generally smaller than the ones that cover an entire wheel.

6. GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker is the last line of defence against camper van thieves. If a thief has gained access to a camper van and succeeded in driving it away, a GPS tracker can keep the van's owner apprised of its location. The camper van owner can then notify police, who should be able to use the GPS coordinates to quickly locate the van. The tracker generally occupies an inconspicuous spot on a camper van, and it usually works with software that the owner can download to a computer, a tablet, and a smartphone. The camper van owner can then track the van's location on any of these devices and use the information to alert police. Hopefully, thieves are not able to reach the point where they can drive off with an entire camper van, but GPS trackers can help make sure that they do not get away scot-free.

How to Use eBay to Ensure the Security of Your Camper Van While Static

Local and online camper van accessory shops are possible sources to buy the items necessary to ensure the security of a van. You can also buy these accessories on eBay. However, knowing how to use the website is an important aspect of finding what you need to secure your camper van. It is easy to search the site for the items you want, and you can find local sellers and minimise the cost of shipping these items.

You can search for security accessories from any eBay page with the search bar. Use a term, such as "wheel clamp", and choose the category related to vehicle parts and accessories when eBay returns the results. Some items may be specific to camper vans and motorhomes, so you can choose related categories if needed. Choosing the appropriate category gets you closer to what you are looking for.

eBay enables you to specify the distance from your postcode within which sellers should be located. If you enter a distance, eBay filters out faraway sellers, leaving you with a list of dealers closer to you. It is more cost effective to obtain camper van security accessories from these sellers.


By combining a mode of transport with living quarters, a camper van provides an efficient means for travelling. Camper vans, however, can leave something to be desired when it comes to security. In order to prevent thieves from accessing a camper van via its doors and windows, one should employ locks, an alarm, window blinds, and a security bar. However, some thieves are particularly skilled, and they may want more than just the items in a camper van. Owners may choose to employ wheel clamps and a GPS tracker to keep these criminals at bay.

eBay has everything you need to ensure the security of a camper van while static. Now that you know how to search the site, finding the security items you want is an easy task. By learning how to find local sellers on eBay, you can also save money on the items you purchase on the site. A break-in can ruin a camper van holiday, so it is worthwhile to take a few simple steps to prevent it.

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